Finding Nemo !

When we bottle up all our emotions, suppress our capabilities and live in a cocoon, this happens. One fine day, you wake up as a completely different person. And now you have to find you again !

Ending up at cross roads, redefining yourself, start over all again from square one, and getting to know this new person which is YOU, of course will be a nightmare.

Just think about it, how many in this crores of population will end up like this. Realize the uniqueness of yourself. This is not the time to antagonize but to feel happy about it. Now you get a chance to be what you wanted to be, to re-live, find yourself as the best YOU, set new standards.

When a couch potato suddenly turns out to be a birdie and just unfold her wings to fly high, the one gelled to her monitor could no more look at it and she starts to fantasize nature, arts and anything where she can best express herself, the boring antagonist became a curious kid and a social butterfly. It takes immense strength to accept change within and for those close to her to get used to the new woman she is now.

The one who is lost in times and trying to find herself back. Alas, its a boon to loose the old you. Try not to find Nemo, for you can become a “Tilapia” the fish which can adjust to any water or a “Gold fish” who has won many hearts !

Live a new life as the new you !

Born to live, love, laugh and experience. For adventure need not be in the rocky mountains or fierce river, it could be within you !

Love – Prasha.

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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