Miracles do happen…

One fine morning, it almost felt like coming out of amnesia. I suddenly remembered a lost friend. The one who was just as weird as me !

When girls cared to beautify them we raced in a scooter, when they were busy making boy friends and engaged in giggles we were just excited about the adventure in a giant water slide, we both could never differentiate a boy and a girl friend, after Rajinikanth and Sathapthi express we were the fastest to move, be it walk, turn, speak, sit and what not ! Tom boys of the girls lot.

Thoughts are really powerful, somehow we happen to connect thru whats-app though she lives thousands of miles away. And the moment we spoke, we knew it. Friendship is just a blessing. How much ever you try to be a best friend to someone you like, unless you are meant to be, it will not happen.

Miracles happen when it has to happen. This was the time i was almost lost and trying to find purpose in my life. A difficult juncture a person would face at least once in a life time. A spark is all that was needed to bring out the person in me. A casual mention of planning to grow some plants “One fine day” came from me. The best advise i received from her was, now is that day and start something simple. This was the turning point.

There is always a myth about green hands and i always believed in it. Couple of times i tried to grow store bought rose plants and each time it failed, and the end of it. I am a dreamer, a nature lover and it was quite tough to accept and give up on it.

She said, start with a simple plant which has a high success rate. It was very much tempting the way she explained about the whole process. It was Covid lock down and i could not think of stepping out nor did i have the slightest idea that Amazon the biggest e-commerce portal has even live plants shipped out to customers.

Passion rekindled, could not resist but grabbed an old plastic box, pulled out some mud from an old pot where a plant was almost dead with no maintenance, after my mother choose to live with my brother. Now i need seeds to sow. We already decided to go for fenugreek seeds to have a quick win.

She said, the secret for quick germination is to soak the seeds at least for a day and then sow it. Ohhh, nooo! can’t wait for a day. After soaking the seeds, like a child i started to look at the clock with all the excitement. It just invoked the child in me, the one who used to be passionate in all that she does, the lively girl, full of hope and joy.

The next morning, my accidental pot with made up soil was ready. As she instructed, i carefully sprinkled the soaked seeds in it and just topped it with a thin layer of soil. And the worst part again came, the waiting game !

This was the day when my mornings started to become so beautiful and exciting which continues till today. Race of mild morning Sun beaming on the pot, i could see tiny yellowish green spots peeping out of the thin layer of the top most soil. There is no language to express the joy when you experience creation ! When you see life spring out of nothing, the vacuum within you just gets filled. The eternal bliss of a life.

Miracles do happen, if you want to find a purpose. It comes to you ! Just believe in nature and it does the miracle.

Love – Prasha 👑

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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