Rekindle (The making 🌟)

I have a bucket list for my next birth, she said.

Why, what about this birth he asked.

She paused for a second to open up to this unknown friend. She was traditional in her ways though modern in her thoughts. Always in her little boundary fearing to step out of it. But, this time it was different. She felt a soul connection, beyond what mind can interpret.

She said, i have dedicated this life of mine to the desires of my family, demands of work and reservations of the society. She was infact living the dreams of others.

Do what makes you happy “Hakuna Matata”, he said.

Her thoughts started to flow like a waterfall. For the first time in her life, she started to think what makes her happy. As a young girl though she was timid in her behaviour, she was adventerous and happening all the time. An independent girl who does not lean on anyone for emotions, totally in peace with herself.

How many of us think that a quite introvert in the class could fancy racing in a bike, trekking a mountain, travel unknown lands, dancing in a camp fire, passionate actor and a secret poet. And a lot more buried in the remote space of her heart.

Suddenly, by sheer thoughts she was full of zeal, cheer, lively and felt the passion again. Whatever she did, she always did it with passion and love. For more than a decade, this was not how she lived, caught up in the web of life and society she was part of.

She started to glow and this glow was inside out lit by a beautiful soul.

At times we discover ourselves and someone or something will create the spark, this is how God lives.

Love – Prasha👑

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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