Un-depress (A Lateral perspective on depression)

Depression, a state of hopelessness, failure, a rebel to accept things and sometimes an agent for self realization. Often we come across the term depression and people use it even without knowing the true meaning of it. Most of the times it becomes an alibie to escape change, challenges, growth, being productive and growing up.

I happen to read an account of personal experiences of my collegue who is a father of a young boy just entering his teens. He has been updating to a close group of friends and wellwishers about the status of his son who is going thru cancer treatment for a very long time. He narrates each and every treatment the kid undergoes, all that he undergoes during the treatment in detail. I could realize that this was the only way he could vent his emotions and source all his strength for the days to come.

I have met this vibrant and a talented child as charming boy many years ago. On reading his account the very thought of suffering the child is going thru because of the illness and also because of the treatment was heart-wrenching.

The worst of suffering is to see someone suffer. I could not even imagine what all the parents could be going through and their state of mind. But the most impressive thing was the day they approached this situation with courage, clarity and patience. Every step they take, it is a bomb ticking moment.

Reading through it and observing them for a long time, there could not be anything more tragic, challenging and nightmarish than this.

When people with so much agony and uncertainity put up with life with utmost courage, responsibility, staying positive and not succumbing with emotions even for a second. What we face are all just miniscule. We do not have the right to feel offended, upset or as a victim in anyway.

Everything that we do out of emotions, crying, fighting, hating, worrying, being suicidal looks cliche.

It becomes our choice and responsibility to manage our emotions and control our mind. While it is not a mistake to feel depressed, as humans we experience various emotions at various junctures of life. But, it becomes our responsibility not to live in it. Bouncing back is in your DNA, just that we have to realize our powers, practice patience, learn from mistakes, accept we are not super humans but with effort can become human.

Learn self love to groom yourself but practice love for everything around you. Love is often refered to express a romantic relationship, but the true meaning is larger than that.

Where there is a will, there is always a way !

Love – Prasha 👑

Published by Prashanthini Ramasubramanian

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

4 thoughts on “Un-depress (A Lateral perspective on depression)

  1. Sometimes a agent of self realization 👍 very true. True that handling worst situation with patience and courage is an art.

    Bouncing back is in our DNA 😘 true that we have to realize our power. Such a beautiful lines and I could completely feel the words. No words


  2. Nice thought as well as the real pain all we have to observe, learn, understand and to do favours to others as much as what we can..!!!


  3. Struck a cord on so many levels. Its so innately human to make ourselves the center of the universe. It takes just an open ear and heart to rest of humanity to realise how we are not alone in our woes. At times are woes don’t even qualify and woes.. that’s not to diminish anyone’s journey, but it is liberating to draw strength from each other as you so beautifully put. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 🙂


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