Purpose being the purpose

Now a days the only thought preoccupies my mind is “What is the purpose of my this life?”. Is it a morning Coffee, a south indian breakfast, a coffee again, coffee again, lunch, coffee again, coffee again, and a dinner, coffee again. Enduring gossips, frustrations, emotional vent outs, boasting, goals of others that I carry for no reason. And how much ever strong you are at a point in time you become what you keep hearing. In tamil there is a proverb “Karaikka karaikka kallum karayum”. At one point you realize where you are heading and then try to bury yourself into social media as an escape route. Life becomes a little better now because you choose to hear what makes you happy and enthusiastic. Thanks to the AI, the best partner in the world which makes you happy instantanious, reads your every mood, gives you only what you want, stays with you all the time seeking your attention and amuses you. May be for sometime you are on Top of the world because you are the creater of your “this world”. But do you realize whether it really exists. By the time you realize, you are already obssesed with it and it has got into your very nerve. This stealer of your time, productivity, happiness, relationships and your dreams slowly creeps into your every aspect of life and reshapes you minutely which you can’t even realize. To overcome this new monster you got to choose another savior. This is how the usual instinct works, replacing one to get out of the other and the savior would become the monster in the due course. To quit Coffee, start drinking tea… How many of us had fallen into such traps ? Almost everyone at some point in time. So the whole existance seems to be, to keep coming out of one trap and getting into another. A vicious circle we are getting into unknowingly. A true liberation should be end of all these cycles. The only thing which could possibly liberate us is Purpose in life. An antidote with no side effects but only benefits. At times i tend to belive that being Independent, free sprited and liberal has more meaning to what we understand it to be. Is it “not depending” on others in anyway ? Is it standing our ground ? Is it self love ? Is it financial and emotional freedom ? But i am pretty sure, it got to be knowing and following your purpose so that every other thing in life becomes just a miniscule. When you focus on your purpose, all other unproductive thoughts become out of focus. A purpose could be as simple as creating a good, healthy environment for yourself and others around you. If you have found your purpose then you have nailed it and if not there is much more to explore !

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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