Love and Care

We often tend to undermine those who care for us. They are seen as a destitute, weak soul and treated for granted. There is always a thin line between love and affection. While love can get disappointed when it does not get reciprocated, affection and care lives forever. It is an Internal process where your sole (Soul’s) motive is welfare of the other and nothing more or less. How do you know if you love someone or care for them? If the other person’s intentions, actions or behaviour disturbs, threatens or concerns you, it is love and if nothing other than their well being affects you it is care. While love needs a title, affection does not even need the other person as part of your life. Many of us always relate love and affection to romantic gestures. We tend to forget that love in most part of our life, is platonic. Love between a parent and child, siblings, friends, teacher and a student, nurturer and the dependent, master and the servent, pet and the care giver, a stranger, gets overlooked. It just slips our mind that those are emotions too and does not need to connote anything more. If you wonder how on earth someone can love a stranger, hear to this short incident in my life. Those piceans can relate to these kinds of incidents very well. I moved to Coimbatore two weeks ago. I have never been very specific about my preferences in life. Though as a human i had my own opinions and wishes, i always try to blend with those around me to feel taken and relevent. You can call it naive, people pleaser, a stereo type but for me it was like “Chalo” why not try it types ! But this time it was altogether a different thing. I was so specific about the place i wanted to live. I wanted lots of greens, tiny little insects around, birds chirping, a calm environment yet close to buzzing life, lots of Sunshine and air, smell of the soil. When you look at life in a poetic way, it kind of looks weird and crazy yet beautiful ! Call it, God’s grace or stroke of good luck oru coincidental, i happened to move in to a dream home. It happened all of a sudden and things started to move quickly just like magic. And this is where it happened. Every day while i walk or drive down outside, one thing caught my attention. It was a house where i always found a compound wall full of Sparrows, Squirrels and other small insects everytime and just infront of the gate stood a gang of cows and dogs well behaved, waiting for the turn to have their food. It just looked spectacular for a very normal woman (commoner) like me. This house always had eatables in the the compound wall and placed a big bucket of water with vegetable waste out side the gate. This is when i fell in love with this stranger (man or woman no bar). For a moment i just felt, if at all i have another birth, i want to be born in this house, to this person and learn to “care”. Till this moment i was of the opinion that Love is the greater force in life, and this is when i realized “to care” and “respect” every creature that this universe gifted us is the ultimate force for human existance.

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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