Pain never breaks you, it makes you !

Ever wonder what really builds you ? Love, joy, wealth, success, popularity keeps you in a Heaven, high in a lonely place without seeing the realistic world. It creates a dream palace for you and captures you within. While the real lessons and personal development kicks in when you get a big blow. You just shatter into pieces, get stuck up in the world upside down, start to think and introspect, revisit ever action and words of yours and others, trying to understand what just happened. Because now you have fallen into “Adhala Padhalam”, The Hell. There could be days when you cover your face, speak less, try to live alone, don’t watch TV, hate to relax or mingle, can’t do even the basic things you do… You just think all the time and the only question you try to answer is “What just happened, Is it for real ?”. This is the real gateway to know yourself. The question every spiritual guru talk about and my guru too (Jackie Chan 😜) “Who am I ?”. This is where you start to focus on yourself and not others. Find those beautiful you, a little naughty you, somewhat disgusting you, arrogant you… And you now know YOU ! The next step after knowing a little you starts when, what you like in you and what you can’t accept yourself. This is where you start replacing the disgusting and arrogant you with some good stuff which you want to believe about you. Be thankful for people, situations, places, actions, words and environments which brings “YOU” out and builds a NEW YOU. For it serves it’s purpose. Those are poor souls who could not find out even a dot of disgust or arrogance in oneself. In such cases, this YOU won over you by camouflaging YOU ! Progression is only when the toxins surfaces not when it gets suppressed. Construction and destruction are a cycle and you cannot skip one to move to the other. Better come a full cycle rather than look for short cuts !

வலி நல்லது, வலிக்கும்னு பயம் வேண்டாம் !
Pain is healthy, don’t fear pain !

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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