Gardeners corner – Methi ( Vendhaiya Keerai) Plant

With a dual objective of appeasing my interest in writing and gardening, i start this series of short essays with every possible information and experience i accumilate in this domain.

It is best for a beginner to start with Methi plant which is also called as “Vendhaiya Keerai” in tamil and Fenugreek leaves in English. The attractive factor in choosing to grow Fenugreek leaves is the easy availability of materials required, success rate, yield in a short span. Once you experience the magic of a life blooming from no where, it becomes part of yourself.


  1. Soak two spoons of store bought Fenugreek seeds (Vendhaiyam) in water for 48 hours.
  2. Get a pot ready with soil for use.
  3. I use Garden soil or Red soil as the base and Top it up with Cocopete. The idea behind this specific approach is to enable the seeds to germinate easily as Cocopete absorbs water well and allows the root to penetrate easily. While the Garden or Red soil will provide strong support and nutrition as the plant grows and penetrate deep in the soil.
  4. Draw a circle on the pot and spread the soaked seeds along the line and spread a little mud on the top. When we sow in circles each plant acts as a support to one another and does not get tangled. We can call it a “Family”. A small philosophy of life, A True Family is one which nourishes it’s members while not disturbing their individuality or independence.
  5. It would be one’s choice to cover this pot with a glass paper after watering sufficently. This will accelerate the growth and provide a conducive environment for the seedling to grow. Once it pops out leaves then it would be time to remove the cover.
  6. It takes just few days for the seeds to start germinating and atleast a week to ten days for it to reach a decent growth. If it takes much time, be sure it comes out strongly.
  7. Tip for watering a plant is to test the soil. It is enough if the soil has enough moisture and is not clogged or dry.
  8. Add an ounce of love and care to the plant which is a vital element to growth. Daily visit, caressing touch and your positivity would do magic !

Benefits of Fenugreek leaves:-
Fenugreek leaf is an excellent herb with impressive benefits.

  1. It naturally improves testosterone
  2. Helps in reducing high sugar levels
  3. Improves breast milk production in feeding mothers.
  4. Acts as an anti inflamatory
    And many more !

Try creating your own kitchen garden and share me your thoughts !

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