Everyone has a dream boy or a dream girl, have you ever dreamt of a “Mother”. I have. Only fortunate souls get the love and affection from many equal to their parents. Though i have biological parents, i had foster parents too. My biological parents were out of the box for the decade they live and were aspiring business couple. There were many reasons why i could have lived with my foster parents who were also my Paternal grand parents. One being, we were too crowded with three attention seeking children, my grandma thought i am her successor for some crazy reason, my grand father craved for a child as his own, i was a bit innocent and naive, or because i made the choice to board the car for an adventure ride like any other child with an expectation to reach home when i am done, just that round ended after few years 🤣🤣🤣…

While without realizing what choice i have made in life, the days went on with the possesive love of my grandma and unconditional love of my grandpa. Since they were aged and insecure about the responsibilities they have assumed i was not allowed to play outside, visit any friends or neighbor nor was there a gateway to explore the world. Life was a plate full of rich food to make one plumpy, gaze at all the beautiful dolls hanging on a high raise shelf looking new always, amazing decorative art works, a classic wood craved mirror, an unemotional woman and a too much caring man.

That one day came when my class teacher appreciated me for my expressions and acting skills in a skit and asked me to bring my mother without fail as she will feel very proud about me. This is when a thought struck me, alas, i have a mother too. After this episode i started to recollect how my mother looked like, though i have some memories it was not too clear as a child. I always get an image of a woman with burka when ever i try to visualize my mother. May be this is because it was too much an emotional strain for a child to handle or simply because i had poor memory or observation skills.

While thinking about all this physical appearance, i started constructing my mother figure in my mind. I fixed my English teacher whom i just loved, as the physical figure and started to give characteristics of my mother. As i was naive as a child, i thought my mother was not so educated or intelligent stuck to the kitchen, does not know the world, the mother belived all that the child tells her when she talks about her adventures at school and wonders with expressive eyes, she was quite and subtle, she was a woman with less words and a beautiful smile. As a child this was the best i could do. Program my mother in my subconcious as per my wish ☺…

A day came when i met my mother after a very long time and i was taken aback. She did not wear a burka ☺, she was an intelligent business woman driving a scooter vrooming in fifties, an accomplished sales woman with wordly knowledge, a woman with independent thoughts and attitude and she made tasty food too 😉. We all admired her for who she was. This is when i started to see and respect her as a woman rather than a mother.

Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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