Silence is powerful

Silence is a beautiful expression often undervalued and forgotten as we age. Do you remember those days when your only expression is a smile, nod, wave and then getting back to your serious business of licking your cake, meddling with your toy, running all around, watching your favorite program. The mind focuses only on enjoying that moment with no background thoughts, unproductive smartness, unbearable decibels of sound. When you have a purpose, be it living the moment, doing your duty, persuing your passions, you do not engage in wilderly thoughts, unnecessary sound, words or expressions.

What is productive silence ?

  1. A productive silence is one which nourishes your soul which is not vengeful.
  2. It helps us to observe and focus on minute things around us.
  3. It brings composure and helps inner reflection.
  4. The most ignored powerful art of listening is aided through silence.
  5. Silence buys you time which, not even money can buy.
  6. It saves your guard and helps you to respond and not react.
  7. Silence brings out the beautiful you.

Often we end up cleaning our dump of dirty thoughts and emotions on others through words or actions. While practicing silence helps one to be socially responsible in solving one’s own emotions or problems.

The society always encourage you to go to someone else to solve your problems like, complaining to your teacher at school, lean on the siblings to talk for you, alliance with bosses at work to back you up, persuade friends and it goes to the extent of relying on children. A responsible person solves one’s own issues with introspection and self reflection through silence.

The best gift one can give the other is not an undying support of all they do, rather it is the realistic view of things, provoking one’s mind to think constructively and to realize the power of one’s own self.

Silence is more powerful than a word of encouragement. While you encourage or try to influence others even in a positive way, you take their power from them. While silence acknowledges one’s opinion without judgement or a counter opinion.


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Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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