The Under privilaged

Often we associate the under privilaged to those people who do not have the privilage of economical resources, good academic education, equal and fair opportunities but we tend to not recognize the main factors which build the society.

There are those who might be economically well off, with a decent academic education and finds fair opportunities but still under privilaged when it comes to circumstances, wordly knowledge and experiences of life.

We always measure everything by money or relating to money which may not give us the real status of things. When a person does not have economical stability, good academics or fair opportunities still they grow up tougher and stronger. But those who are deprived of love, required attention and nurturing at a tender age go thru a great Ordeal.

While we wish to have a healthy society with progressive way of life, we fail to accept that each one of us have a part in building the same. While a Doctor’s son is a Doctor statement is not applauded by the society why should a son born in an unloving house remain unloving ?

It is easy for one to utter these words of Solace “Life is not fair”. But it need not be accepted nor anyone be blamed. As individuals we do have the choice of doing right things and do it with the earnest heart.
If you are not brought up as you have to be, if you were’nt guided in the right way, if your circumstances did not coach you, still you have yourself.

Take the onus of bringing you up like you would a child, choose like you would for the other, self talk like the one you would want to impress, coach your self like you mentor a buddy to be at his best. Be your own teacher for you know what you are really capable of. Self Mastery is the best tool for those lonely souls to fill the void of a God Father !


Published by Prashanthini

Dreamer, nature lover and an art enthusiast !

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