Wander lust

Gushing wind embracing the face
Lush greens running along
Speeding and chasing like a child
Try new food all along
Experiencing every culture on the way
Eyes sore looking to snore
Wanderlust is my spare
Soul craves me to sware
Life, don’t dare
To challenge this Claire
For this journey never ends
Without experiencing the winds !
Hope in despair
Is the need of the hour
Till then go within
To face all that as the journey begins…

Purpose being the purpose

Now a days the only thought preoccupies my mind is “What is the purpose of my this life?”. Is it a morning Coffee, a south indian breakfast, a coffee again, coffee again, lunch, coffee again, coffee again, and a dinner, coffee again. Enduring gossips, frustrations, emotional vent outs, boasting, goals of others that I carry for no reason. And how much ever strong you are at a point in time you become what you keep hearing. In tamil there is a proverb “Karaikka karaikka kallum karayum”. At one point you realize where you are heading and then try to bury yourself into social media as an escape route. Life becomes a little better now because you choose to hear what makes you happy and enthusiastic. Thanks to the AI, the best partner in the world which makes you happy instantanious, reads your every mood, gives you only what you want, stays with you all the time seeking your attention and amuses you. May be for sometime you are on Top of the world because you are the creater of your “this world”. But do you realize whether it really exists. By the time you realize, you are already obssesed with it and it has got into your very nerve. This stealer of your time, productivity, happiness, relationships and your dreams slowly creeps into your every aspect of life and reshapes you minutely which you can’t even realize. To overcome this new monster you got to choose another savior. This is how the usual instinct works, replacing one to get out of the other and the savior would become the monster in the due course. To quit Coffee, start drinking tea… How many of us had fallen into such traps ? Almost everyone at some point in time. So the whole existance seems to be, to keep coming out of one trap and getting into another. A vicious circle we are getting into unknowingly. A true liberation should be end of all these cycles. The only thing which could possibly liberate us is Purpose in life. An antidote with no side effects but only benefits. At times i tend to belive that being Independent, free sprited and liberal has more meaning to what we understand it to be. Is it “not depending” on others in anyway ? Is it standing our ground ? Is it self love ? Is it financial and emotional freedom ? But i am pretty sure, it got to be knowing and following your purpose so that every other thing in life becomes just a miniscule. When you focus on your purpose, all other unproductive thoughts become out of focus. A purpose could be as simple as creating a good, healthy environment for yourself and others around you. If you have found your purpose then you have nailed it and if not there is much more to explore !

வாழ்க்கை ஓட்டம்

எங்கே வேகமாக ஓடுகிறாய்
சேரும் புள்ளி ஒன்றாய் இருக்க
நிதானமே நிம்மதி
ரசித்து இரு !

எப்படி ஓடினும்
பிரபஞ்சத்தின் கணக்கு
ஒரே புள்ளியில் உன்னை
கொண்டு அடக்கும் !

Prasha 👑

நண்பன் தேர்வுக்கான தேவைகள் ❤ (Qualifications required for a friendship)

யாருக்கு வேண்டும்

உங்கள் பணம், புகழ், பலம் மற்றும் அதிகாரம்

அதை நீங்களே வைத்துக் கொள்ளுங்கள் !

உங்களிடம் உள்ளதா

அனுபவப் பாடங்கள்

எதார்தக் கதைகள்

மென்மையான உள்ளம்

ஒயாக் கனவுகள் மற்றும்

இயர்கையின் ரசனை

அப்படியெனில் நீங்கள் என் நண்பன் !


Prasha 👑

Rekindle (The making 🌟)

I have a bucket list for my next birth, she said.

Why, what about this birth he asked.

She paused for a second to open up to this unknown friend. She was traditional in her ways though modern in her thoughts. Always in her little boundary fearing to step out of it. But, this time it was different. She felt a soul connection, beyond what mind can interpret.

She said, i have dedicated this life of mine to the desires of my family, demands of work and reservations of the society. She was infact living the dreams of others.

Do what makes you happy “Hakuna Matata”, he said.

Her thoughts started to flow like a waterfall. For the first time in her life, she started to think what makes her happy. As a young girl though she was timid in her behaviour, she was adventerous and happening all the time. An independent girl who does not lean on anyone for emotions, totally in peace with herself.

How many of us think that a quite introvert in the class could fancy racing in a bike, trekking a mountain, travel unknown lands, dancing in a camp fire, passionate actor and a secret poet. And a lot more buried in the remote space of her heart.

Suddenly, by sheer thoughts she was full of zeal, cheer, lively and felt the passion again. Whatever she did, she always did it with passion and love. For more than a decade, this was not how she lived, caught up in the web of life and society she was part of.

She started to glow and this glow was inside out lit by a beautiful soul.

At times we discover ourselves and someone or something will create the spark, this is how God lives.

Love – Prasha👑


உறக்கம் ஒரு வரம்.
குழந்தையாய் இருக்கும் போது
உறக்கம் ஒரு எதிரி
விளையாட்டைத் தடுக்கும் பூச்சாண்டி,
பருவ வயதில் அதுவே ஒரு சாக்கு
பகல் கனவில் தொய்ந்துப் போக,
வாலிப வயதில் அவனே ஒரு நண்பன் சிலருக்கு சிற்றின்பம்
சிலருக்கு நட்பு
சிலருக்கு உயர்ந்த லட்சியம்
இதனை அடைய கிடைத்த வரப்பிரசாதம் கூடுதல் மணித்துளிகள்,
நாய் வயதில் கிடைத்த வடிகால் போராட்டங்களுக்கு இடையில் வரும் விடுமுறை,
வயதானக் காலத்தில் ஒரு பயாஸ்கோப் எப்போதும் மலரும் நினைவுகளை அசைப் போடும் மனதிற்க்கு தனிமை வரம் அளிக்கும் பொக்கிஷம்.

Miracles do happen…

One fine morning, it almost felt like coming out of amnesia. I suddenly remembered a lost friend. The one who was just as weird as me !

When girls cared to beautify them we raced in a scooter, when they were busy making boy friends and engaged in giggles we were just excited about the adventure in a giant water slide, we both could never differentiate a boy and a girl friend, after Rajinikanth and Sathapthi express we were the fastest to move, be it walk, turn, speak, sit and what not ! Tom boys of the girls lot.

Thoughts are really powerful, somehow we happen to connect thru whats-app though she lives thousands of miles away. And the moment we spoke, we knew it. Friendship is just a blessing. How much ever you try to be a best friend to someone you like, unless you are meant to be, it will not happen.

Miracles happen when it has to happen. This was the time i was almost lost and trying to find purpose in my life. A difficult juncture a person would face at least once in a life time. A spark is all that was needed to bring out the person in me. A casual mention of planning to grow some plants “One fine day” came from me. The best advise i received from her was, now is that day and start something simple. This was the turning point.

There is always a myth about green hands and i always believed in it. Couple of times i tried to grow store bought rose plants and each time it failed, and the end of it. I am a dreamer, a nature lover and it was quite tough to accept and give up on it.

She said, start with a simple plant which has a high success rate. It was very much tempting the way she explained about the whole process. It was Covid lock down and i could not think of stepping out nor did i have the slightest idea that Amazon the biggest e-commerce portal has even live plants shipped out to customers.

Passion rekindled, could not resist but grabbed an old plastic box, pulled out some mud from an old pot where a plant was almost dead with no maintenance, after my mother choose to live with my brother. Now i need seeds to sow. We already decided to go for fenugreek seeds to have a quick win.

She said, the secret for quick germination is to soak the seeds at least for a day and then sow it. Ohhh, nooo! can’t wait for a day. After soaking the seeds, like a child i started to look at the clock with all the excitement. It just invoked the child in me, the one who used to be passionate in all that she does, the lively girl, full of hope and joy.

The next morning, my accidental pot with made up soil was ready. As she instructed, i carefully sprinkled the soaked seeds in it and just topped it with a thin layer of soil. And the worst part again came, the waiting game !

This was the day when my mornings started to become so beautiful and exciting which continues till today. Race of mild morning Sun beaming on the pot, i could see tiny yellowish green spots peeping out of the thin layer of the top most soil. There is no language to express the joy when you experience creation ! When you see life spring out of nothing, the vacuum within you just gets filled. The eternal bliss of a life.

Miracles do happen, if you want to find a purpose. It comes to you ! Just believe in nature and it does the miracle.

Love – Prasha 👑

Finding Nemo !

When we bottle up all our emotions, suppress our capabilities and live in a cocoon, this happens. One fine day, you wake up as a completely different person. And now you have to find you again !

Ending up at cross roads, redefining yourself, start over all again from square one, and getting to know this new person which is YOU, of course will be a nightmare.

Just think about it, how many in this crores of population will end up like this. Realize the uniqueness of yourself. This is not the time to antagonize but to feel happy about it. Now you get a chance to be what you wanted to be, to re-live, find yourself as the best YOU, set new standards.

When a couch potato suddenly turns out to be a birdie and just unfold her wings to fly high, the one gelled to her monitor could no more look at it and she starts to fantasize nature, arts and anything where she can best express herself, the boring antagonist became a curious kid and a social butterfly. It takes immense strength to accept change within and for those close to her to get used to the new woman she is now.

The one who is lost in times and trying to find herself back. Alas, its a boon to loose the old you. Try not to find Nemo, for you can become a “Tilapia” the fish which can adjust to any water or a “Gold fish” who has won many hearts !

Live a new life as the new you !

Born to live, love, laugh and experience. For adventure need not be in the rocky mountains or fierce river, it could be within you !

Love – Prasha.

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